Stroke and Heart attack are the leading cause for premature loss of lives and productivity in our country. Yet these are easily preventable by simple measures like making sure high blood pressure, abnormal sugar and cholesterol levels are looked for and treated.  Lifestyle modifications like smoking cessation, moderation in alcohol consumption, being active and exercising regulary can help avoid vascular insults like stroke, heart attacks, periheral vascular disease, dementia, cancers etc. 

Research shows that tincreasing tummy girth is directly proportional to risk of Type2 Diabetes.

Study by Stroke researchers have noted that nearly 25% of disabling stroke victims have had a waring mini-stroke or TIA ( transient ischemic attack) in the days to weeks prior to their attack. A simple intervention at the warning TIA stage where BP, sugar, cholesterol levels are screened and corrective measures initiated along with simple and proven medicines like Aspirin,  statins etc can reduce or even halt a major stroke. 

TIAs present in many ways. Commom presentations are

 - transient limb or facial weakness or numbness

- sudden vision disturbance like a curtain covering visual fields for few secs to mins

- sudden speech disturbance - eg-finding harder to say what you think, slurring in speech

- sudden loss of balance, vertigo, double vision, loss of vision on one side of visual field


Angina or heart ache can be a warning symptom of poor coronary circulation. Often angina may be noticed on exertion and with time if can be even at rest. For some it may present as just getting out of breath on routine tasks. Routine ECG, vascular risk checks including, BP, blood sugar, cholesterol and appropriate interventions can help prevent a heart attack.