We provide neuro physiotherapy treatment for everyone from kids to adults and elderly.

If you or your family member or friend, require short or long-term treatment or simply an assessment and advice, our team are here to help.

Before treatment an in-depth assessment of your motor, sensory, psychology and functional abilities are done by our team to help us understand your clinical condition and design a rehabilitation roadmap. Based on this we will set goals which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic/ relevant and timed (SMART). Each goal can be built up by using up to four parts: the target activity, the support needed, quantification of performance and the time period to achieve the desired state. This method can be employed as part of goal attainment scaling and the other levels can be easily and quickly formulated by adding, deleting and/or changing one or more of the (sub)parts.

Treatment will involve one to one sessions with our neurological physiotherapists with additional exercise plans for you at home and at work and advice for family and care givers. Occasionally we may need to do a home visit to help you adapt and recover based on your environment.