Electroencephalography (EEG)

In this test special sensors(electrodes) are attached to your head and hooked by wires to a computer. The computer records your brain’s electrical activity on the screen or on paper as wavy lines. Certain conditions such as seizures(epilepsy), can be identified by the changes in the normal pattern of the brain’s electrical activity. Before the day of the test our doctor may ask you to stop taking certain medicines because some medicines can affect your brain’s usual electrical activity and cause abnormal test results. Do not eat or drink foods that have caffeine for 8 hours before the test. Please wake up at least two hours before your scheduled test time. Please wear comfortable clothes. Duringthe test you will be lying on a bed in the EEG Lab. Since the electrodes are attached to your scalp, it is important that your hair be clean and free of oils or lotions. Shampoo your hair and rinse with clear water before the test. Do not put any hairconditioner or oils on after shampooing.The testing time is usually one hour, however, some testing takes longer while some may be shorter so please eat a full meal before coming to the EEG lab.

Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS)

In this test we record the ability of peripheral nerves to conduct electrical impulses to determine the degree and type of nerve damage associated with many neurological complaints (EX: peripheral neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome)

Electromyography (EMG)

Electromyography, called “EMG”, tests the electrical activity of the muscle at rest and flexed (contracted). Certain muscle disorders,such as a pinched nerve, neuropathies and muscle diseases can change the electrical activity of the muscles. The testing involves the use of surface electrodes (small round metal discs) for nerve testing and small, fine needle electrodes for muscle testing. The electrodes are placed in different locations on your body and connected with small wires to a computer. The computer records the responses of the nerves and muscles on a chart called the electromyograph. For best results, please shower or bathe before testing. Please DO NOT use lotion or oil on the extremity you are having tested. Inform the technician or doctor if you are taking a prescribed blood thinner or aspirin daily. Inform the technician before testing if you have either a pacemaker or defibrillator. Inform the technician if you have a communicable disease such as hepatitis or HIV positive.The testing time is usually one hour,however, some testing takes longer while some may be shorter.